To Break the Heavens and Shake the Earth

Status: Ongoing

Schedule: Updates sporadically


This is the parallel story to The Ocean Flame Palace Host. It revolves around a teenager named Chang Chi Yun who is a core disciple of the fearsome Scarlet Cloud Poison Sect. The number one group of terrorists on the Scarlet Flame continent, however they are not the simple villains everyone makes them out to be. Watch Chang Chi Yun as he strives to become a god who can break the heavens with his fingers and shake the earth with his breath…

Table of Contents:

Story Moved to Royal Road Legends!


The Cultivation Realms

  1. Nascent Spirit – The level at which one starts their cultivation
  2. Spirit Profound – The realm which comes directly after it. People in this realm are capable of allowing their Qi to exit the body and utilize martial skills. These can be sword techniques, music techniques, movement skills but NOT body tempering techniques. However they still can’t wrap things in their Qi without making physical contact.
  3. Spirit Aura – This is the stage when one is able to extend their qi into the surrounding air to always maintain a presence. They can now extend their Qi to objects they are not directly touching.
  4. Spirit Blood – This is when one integrates the Qi of Heaven and Earth into ones blood. It allows one to circulate their qi in multiple pathways and begin the process of body tempering
  5. Spirit Fusion – When one is capable of imbuing their muscles, bones and even bone marrow with their Qi. This can allow them to begin changing their constitution. I.E. absorbing drops of blood from beasts, etc…
  6. Spirit Soul – This is when one can create a corporeal body outside of their main body. This form can be sent long distances but it is incapable of attacking. It can also be used to possess a soulless body and turn it into ones avatar.
  7. Spirit Duke – Master of Qi and allows one to defy one law of the physical universe. Most people select gravity and became capable of flight.
  8. Spirit King – Allows one to defy another law of the physical universe, most people choose to defy things like heat so they can cultivate fire arts to a higher realm.
  9. Spirit Emperor – Allows one to defy 2 more laws of the physical universe
  10. Spirit Sovereign – A completely independent entity of all but the 3 supreme laws of the universe. Space, Time and Death. Other than that, the only limitation is how much Qi one has.

More elaboration on the realms will come when Hai Yun, or Chang Chi Yun in TBHSE arrive at those realms.