God’s Trial

Status: Ongoing

Schedule: At least 3 releases a month (may be more, but no fixed schedule)


Larkspur Symphire (formerly named Arclight Symphire) is a born cripple. In a world of martial cultivation where practitioners can gather the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth through their bodies orifices, and use martial skills by releasing that stored energy in certain patterns from them, Larkspur Symphire has a rare disease which closes his orifices as he grows older. Turning a genius into a pathetic worm. One day when he is running away from his cousins to protect his allowance, he stumbles upon a God’s Trial.

With the guarantee from this deity that if he passes he will gain the medical expertise to treat all ailments under the Heavens, his journey begins.

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Table of Contents

Story Moved Royal Road Legends!



Cultivation Realms

  1. Elementary Stage
  2. Intermediate Stage
  3. Advanced Stage
  4. Profound Spiritual/Spirit Stage (Spirit profound) – When one can begin learning Ethereal Skills
  5. Profound Earth Stage (Earth profound) – When Qi tempering can begin
  6. Profound Sky Stage (Sky Profound) – When one has pure enough qi to fly
  7. Demigod Stage – When one can begin comprehending the great laws of the universe and embue it into each attack!

Basic Attributes

  1. Water
  2. Earth
  3. Fire
  4. Wind
  5. Lightning
  6. Metal
  7. Wood

Higher Attributes

  1. Light
  2. Dark
  3. Life
  4. Death

Saint Attributes

  1. Divine/Divinity
  2. Evil
  3. Time
  4. Space