Royal Road Legends!

Hello everyone,

These past few weeks I have been in the process of rewriting my stories. From now on they will no longer appear on this site. For all who are coming in search of them, please go to Royal Road Legends and check them out.

The Ocean Flame Palace Host

To Break the Heavens and Shake the Earth

God’s Trial

The Samsara Cycle

Battle Emperor will also be moving sites relatively soon to Shiroyukinekotranslations. However this site will begin translating its own project sometime towards the end of March!

Thank you,

Arclight Symphony



Wuxia Fantasies – Originally in English

Hello All,

I am an amateur Wuxia Fantasy author, who finds it easier to write in English than in Chinese. I am a little narcissistic and relish my own stories, so I decided to write some Wuxia stories on my own. This website is dedicated to me and my ideas, please feel free to give me your criticisms. I would certainly like to improve and hopefully get published one day when my Chinese is good enough to translate it over.

if you have any suggestions to how I run my site, please feel free to let me know as I am quite new to this. For My new readers, Thank You and Welcome!